With her latest single, “There is More,” Lexi artfully and unapologetically explores topics of trust, vulnerability, freedom, and devotion through a lens of practical faith. Written by Lexi, along with multi-Dove-award nominated producer Dana Soréy and award-winning gospel singer and composer Deon Kipping, the powerful ballad contains her most passionate performance to date.

Lyrically Lexi pours out her heart to God as she wrestles with feelings of doubt and hopelessness after the death of her uncle and the end of her relationship. 

Earlier this year, after calling off her engagement, Lexi made the difficult decision to continue with her destination wedding reservation, hoping to find peace in the solitude and beauty of her intended getaway.  Instead, she found herself alone with her grief, reflecting on the impact of a heart-wrenching season.

On the final day or her trip, after reflecting on the challenges and heartbreak of the past year, Lexi began to sing and pray to God: “There is more…more to life for me, more than I can see.  God has so much for me…”

With a soulful vibe and stirring vocal ensemble showcasing Lexi’s soaring lead, “There Is More,”  celebrates new life, declares the power of faith, and reignites the spiritual fire needed to move forward. The heartfelt lyrics speak directly to anyone who is experiencing adversity in their life. Lexi reassures listeners that despite the feelings of despair or the deepness of their wounds, they can safely trust in God.   

“This song was written in one of the most difficult times in my life,” says Lexi. “However, I still believe that God has more for me, and I won’t stop until I see it. Better ain’t coming, BETTER IS HERE!”

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